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ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

* 2 Positions (A↔B)

- Suitable for small inductive load current
- UL1008 Certificate
- Quick transfer to dual direction

* 3 Positions (A↔N↔B)

- Maximum breaking capacity (IEC60947-6)
- High transfer performance for inductive load current
- UL1008 Certificate

* Miniature ATS

-  Saving power : 
    It is in an instantaneous excitation mode with little operating.(1.6A in case of AC 220V operation)
- Safe Design : 
    The breaking part is molded for a dust-proof so the operational cycle of the contact part  
     is semi-permanent.
- 2-Coil Mode :
   It adopted a simple operation mode using 2 coils.
- Miniature :
   It can be built inside the portable generator or UPS.
- Low Cost :
   It is a miniature type and it is optimal for a single phase with less than 200A (non-inductive)
- Applied Standard : IEC 60947-6-1 / UL1008

* Uninterruptible ATS

- Maximum breaking capacity (IEC60947-6)
- Mutual interlocking (Utility and Gen set)
- Synchronous transfer performance