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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. Purpose of the processing of personal information
< KORPS Co.,Ltd.> ('' Herein after called KORPS Co.,Ltd.') is using the personal information in following purpose and do not use for any other purpose.
- To confirm customers’ intention of Joining, to identify and certify customers for providing service, to maintain and manage the membership, to supply goods or services, to deliver goods, collect payment and etc.
2.The handling of entrusted personal information
  • ① For smooth processing of personal information, KORPS Co.,Ltd. entrusted the business of handling personal information as follow:
  • ② In accordance with Article 25 of the Privacy Act entrusted the handling of personal information, when making a consignment agreement, < KORPS Co.,Ltd.> ('' herein after called KORPS Co.,Ltd.') will state the following clause in the agreement; prohibit processing personal information other than entrusted business purpose, have technical and managerial safeguards, limit the re-entrust, make clear the obligation of trustee for managing supervising and liability for damages for the safe handling of personal information
  • ③ If any change happens to the service or trustee, this shall be disclosed immediately through the “Policy of handling personal information”
3.How to exercise the right and duties as the subject of personal information As the subject of personal information, users can exercise the following rights.
  • ① Users, as the subject of personal information, can exercise to the < KORPS Co.,Ltd.> ('' herein after called KORPS Co.,Ltd.') each of following right related with privacy rights at any time
  • 1. Request to access to his/her personal information
  • 2. Request the correction of information if error exist
  • 3. Request to delete
  • 4. Request to stop processing
4.Create items to process personal information
  • ① < KORPS Co.,Ltd.> ('' herein after called KORPS Co.,Ltd.') is processing the following personal information items
Release Quotation
Essential items: the purpose of processing personal information, file status, the details of handling the consigned personal information, the right, obligations and how to exercise the personal information, destruction of personal information, Chief Privacy Officer of handling the personal information, details of the policy change, and ensuring the safety of the personal information.
Optional items: The departments in charge of receiving and processing the personal information, curing the infringement on the rights of the subject customers.
5.In principle, < KORPS Co.,Ltd.> shall destroy the personal information immediately after achieving the purpose of processing personal information.
The procedures, deadlines and methods of destructing personal information are as follows.
Destruction procedures
The user-entered information shall be moved to a separate DB (A separate paper documents) after achieving the purpose of its usage and will be destroyed after a certain period of time in accordance with the internal policies and other relevant regulations. At this point, DB transferred personal information will not be used for other purposes unless differently requested by laws.
Destruction deadline
Within five days after the expiry date when the retention period of personal information finished. Within five days from the date of confirming the information no longer needed such as after achieving the purpose of personal information, the abolition of the service, and termination of the business.
6.Measures ensuring the safety of personal information In accordance with Article 29 of the Privacy Act, < KORPS Co.,Ltd.> is taking the technical / administrative and physical measures to ensure the safety of personal information.
    1)Minimize Employees who handle personal information and their training
    We take measures to designate the personal information handling personnel and let him to manage the information limited to the staff.
    2)Conduct regular self-audit
    For the stability of privacy-related information handling, we are conducting self –audit regularly(once a quarter).
    3)Establishing and implementing internal management plan
    For the safe disposal of personal information, we are implementing internal control plan.
    4)Encryption of personal information
    Among users' personal information, password is encrypted, stored and managed, so be known only to the subject customer. Also we use separate security features such as encrypting sensitive file transfer data and utilizing file locking function.
    5)Technical measures against hacking
    < KORPS Co.,Ltd.> installed a security program and updates periodically in order to prevent personal information from leakage and damage caused by hacking or computer viruses, and etc. We installed the system in access controlled zone from outside for the surveillance and interception technically/physically.
    6)Limit access to personal information
    We take necessary measures controlling its access rights, change, or access cancellation to the database system of processing personal information, and also use the intrusion prevention systems that control unauthorized access from outside.
    7)Storage of online records and forgery prevention
    We store and manage the record of accessing personal information processing system at least six months, and use the security features to keep the record from forgery, alteration and lost.
    8)Using of locking device for document security
    Documents containing personal information, and the secondary storage medium are kept in a safe place with lock.
    9)The access control for unauthorized person
    We keep the physical storage location separately for personal information and established and operating its access control procedure
7.Privacy officer
  • ① KORPS Co.,Ltd. ('' herein after called KORPS Co.,Ltd.) designated Privacy Officer responsible for working on the process of personal information and handling the customers’ complaint and redress as follow.
    Privacy Officer
    Name: SEO YOUNG HO
    Title: President
    Contact :+82-31-737-2898,
    ※ To be connected to the Privacy department.
    Privacy control department
    Department: Overseas Business Division
    Resposible person: YOON HAN KI
    Contact :+82-31-737-2898,
  • ② You may call to Privacy Officer and the relevant department of KORPS Co.,Ltd. ('') for the treatment of personal information,
     and request of relief from the damage. KORPS Co.,Ltd. will help you without delay.
8.Inspection request for personal information
  • ① Pursuant to Article 35 of the Privacy Act of personal information, customers can request the inspection of their personal information to the following department. KORPS Co.,Ltd. will endeavor to handle the request quickly.
    The access claim and processing department for personal information rece Department: Privacy safeguard team
    Department: Overseas Business Division
    Responsible person: YOON HAN KI
    Contact :+82-31-737-2898,
  • ② Other than the processing department stated under paragraph 1, customers can view information through the "Privacy comprehensive support portal” in the website ( of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • - Privacy and Security Support Portal Administration → Personal information affairs
     → Personal information survey request (for identification, you will need “I-PIN”)
9.Survey request for personal information
Separately from KORPS Co.,Ltd., you can contact the following organization in case you do not satisfy with the complaint handling and the result of damage compensation of the company, or need more help.
    Privacy Complaint Center (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)
    Responsible business: The report, consultation of personal information infringement
    Phone: (without area code) 118
    Address: (138-950) #135, Joondae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea, Privacy Complaint Center / Korea Internet & Security Agency)
    Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
    Responsible business: privacy dispute arbitration, collective dispute (civil resolution)
    Phone: (no area code) 118
    Address: (138-950) #135, Joondae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee / Korea Internet & Security Agency
    Cyber Crime Investigation Department Prosecutor's Office: 02-3480-3573 (
    Police Cyber Crime Investigation: 1566-0112 (
10.Changes of privacy information policy
  • ① This policy of handling the personal information is effective from the enforcement date and, in case of policy changes, additions and deletions, it will be noticed through the official company announcement seven days prior to the implementation.